Nature’s Magic: Jordan’s Hammamat Ma’in is the Perfect Holiday Spot this winter

The natural hot spring is Located between Madaba and the Dead Sea in Jordan!

Hammamat Ma'in

Zain Jordan

While most of us know Jordan for its expansive deserts and iconic structures, the beautiful city is also host to a luxurious oasis of thermal waterfalls called as Hammamat Ma’in or Zarqa Ma’in.

Located between Madaba and the Dead Sea in Jordan, the natural hot spring and waterfall is situated over a cliff beneath a spa resort with temperatures ranging from 40° to 60° C (104-140° F). While the thermal springs are great for rejuvenation, the nearby locales are a perfect spot for hiking and exploring.

As the most-soughted holiday spot for families and young people, Hammamat Ma’in is also close to the impressive Al Megheirat dolmen field, with hundreds of dolmens (prehistoric chamber tombs) scattered across several hillsides.

So this winter if you’re looking for something that offers you a perfect combination of hot and cold, Jordan and is Hammamat Ma’in should be your choice.

Zain Zoom