The Gambia, Smiling Coast of Africa

The Gambia Serrekunda

The Gambia is a country in western Africa, the south, north and east of the Gambia is bordered by Senegal and the west side of it is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. The Gambia is the smallest country in the whole of Africa; its population is 1,700,000 people with a total area of 10,380 km2.

The capital of the Gambia is Banjul but the largest city is Serrekunda. The Gambia’s economy is dominated by fishing, farming and tourism. Gambia has a tropical climate to which many tourists are attracted to, it is very peaceful and although lacks a lot modern facilities like cinema’s Gambia is slowly yet gradually modernizing.

90% of Gambia’s populations are Muslims and 8% are Christians with the remaining 2% are from different religions. There are a large number of ethnic groups each group having their own special spoken language. However the dominant language is Wolof and the official language in the Gambia is English since it was British colonized.

Senegambia is the main tourist area in the Gambia where there are large numbers of hotels, restaurants and shops.

Beach Gambia hotel

Beach Gambia Kombo

There is a large variety of activities to be done in the Gambia such as: river cruising, fishing, village tours, African wrestling, bird watching, trekking, horse and camel riding, adventure trips, musical events, cultural orientation and round-trips to Senegal.

river gambia

Nature lovers will find the Gambia exquisite; visiting Abuko Nature Reserve and other varied bird and wildlife sanctuaries as well as cruising on the River Gambia. The Gambia boosts of over 570 species of exotic birds and is referred to as a Birdwatchers’ Paradise. Visitors can also see a variety of tropical plants as well as monkeys, crocodiles and other wildlife. Dolphins and even hippos are spotted on the river.

By guest writer Mariam