Dos and Don’ts of Booking a Hotel Online

Zain Booking, the hotel booking website nails it all!

Booking a Hotel Online Tips

Booking a hotel online has zillions of advantages – the best being, booking from the comfort of your home. In addition, you can take time to research the best options, check hotel locations on Google Maps and ensure you get the best rate. While online booking is easy and stress-free, here are a few basic tips on – what to do and what not to do when booking a hotel online.

DO look at third party sites
With the digital wave, everything seems to be moving online. As such, hotel booking sites have increased in number too. It is therefore important to find the right website that can lead you to the best hotels. Zain Booking has an extensive list of hotels across varied geographies. Their user-friendliness, price comparison feature and ease of searching, makes booking hotel online a pleasant experience.

Do look through visually-dominated sites
A picture speaks a thousand words! As such it’s important to look up sites that showcase pictures of the hotel and its facilities. Zain Booking offers great visuals of the hotel making it easy for you to nail a choice.

DO consider contacting the hotel directly
It is important that a booking website offer complete details of the hotel. Zain Booking has an extensive list of hotels along with its contact details. So if you’re looking to contact the hotel directly through a phone call or an email, Zain Booking has the necessary details on log for you!

DON’T skip the review sites
The best strategy for enjoying a stay at a hotel is to know as much as possible about any given property. Zain Booking offers reviews on hotels from people who have stayed at a property. From great food to whimsical internet, the reviews make it a lot easier to nail a choice.

DON’T fail to check parking availability and cost
For those of you who prefer to travel by your own car to a nearby location, it is important to check both availability and pricing on parking at the hotel. Even if the hotel has parking available, it often comes with a price tag. Hence, its recommended to check this right at the start. Zain Booking’s added services include the details on parking and other amenities at the hotel, making your booking stress-free.

DON’T book directly through the hotel website
While many hotels tempt you to book directly through their own website, don’t fall for the trap! Booking through Zain Booking save you from paying the rack rate or the inflated price. That’s not all; Zain Customers who book through the website also get free access to Zain’s VIP lounge in Queen Alia International Airport (QAIA).

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