Bahrain: The Pearl of The Gulf

bahrain main street

Are you wondering where to go on vacation and Europe is too expensive and everywhere else is too hot or two crowded? Well if so I have just the place: there is this little island in the middle of nowhere that nearly no one has heard of but is still gorgeous and has so much to do for such a small place, yes I am talking about Bahrain! This amazing Island in the Middle East has been developing and improving economically over the past but it has also become more and more tourist friendly. Bahrain hosts the annual Formula 1 which is a huge event for racing lovers and people who just like to hang alike!

Bahrain Formula 1

Malls are not something Bahrain lacks because everywhere you go you will either find a huge Mall which has some of the most renowned shops like Mango and Topshop or a Mall that is under construction!

bahrain business hub

If you aren’t into the whole Shopping Mall scene then Bahrain offers a Souq which sells everything you could possibly need from clothes to spices and all for quite cheap prices, the Souq has been described as an amazing cultural experience from everyone who visits.


Bahrain has a recent but interesting history which includes a tradition of pearl diving and all of this is celebrated by the Bahrain Museum and several forts which show old villages!

Generally prices in Bahrain are reasonable except sometimes, as is the case in any country, when they know you are a tourist they will automatically inflate prices! So don’t hesitate visit Bahrain: the pearl of the Gulf.

By guest writer Karim