United Arab Emirates is becoming the center for notable developments. Another exciting landmark that can be looked forward to in UAE’s near future is the Hollywood-based theme park. The theme park will be based on the blockbuster hits that were produced in Hollywood – a project that will cost 42.5 billion. Ruwaad Holdings, a company that handles real estate, hospitality and tourism investment and development, will handle this project. In order to realize this project Ruwaad Holdings signed in a long term licensing contract with Paramount Licensing. However, it is not Paramount Pictures that will be supplying the fund, instead they will be the give right to use Paramount’s intellectual property library.

So what are the things to look forward to in the park? Fun and enjoyment are just some of the things you’ll experience once the park has been established with its feature rides, shows and attractions. Maybe visitor’s will eve feel like a Hollywood star once they have first-hand experience with shows like Mission Impossible Titanic and a lot more! So, everything that you’ll see in the park has their foundation on Paramount’s heritage and library of motion pictures. But of course to complete visitor’s needs, the park will also be built with boutique hotels, themed retail section as well as residential property.