sydney opera house

Australia’s capital is Canberra but most people would think of Sydney when going to this peaceful country in the southern hemisphere. Sydney is the biggest financial center of the country and the most populous city as well. Aside from its pristine beaches and world-class harbor, it’s so nice to travel to Sydney as it is very safe and clean. Getting around the city is also very convenient. You can even just walk to get a closer look of Sydney’s city life.

sydney harbour bridge

Two of the most famous landmarks in Sydney are the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. The first one is a uniquely designed building also called the “Nun’s Scrum.” It’s situated on the Bennelong Point in Sydney Harbour. Every year, it hosts thousands of performances ranging from operas to common musical productions and modern theatrical performances. Guided tours in the Opera House are usually given to tourists. It’s certainly one of the things you would not want to miss when going to Sydney, Australia.

Sydney Harbour Bridge is Sydney’s tallest structure. If you’re afraid of heights, then better brace yourself now for some breathtaking experience at the top of Harbour Bridge. I bet you’d soon forget having fear of heights once you’ve reached the peak of the arch that’s over 400 ft high and managed to go down. You surely don’t want to miss seeing the entire city while crossing the bridge. Whether you go there during the day or at night, you are sure to enjoy the spectacular sight of the city.

By guest writer Khristine