Windsurfing in Aruba

Aruba has become a haven for vacationers from around the world. And why? First, people go to Aruba for the windsurfing and sailing, which is unlike anywhere else, with Caribbean breezes to keep sails full. Second, the waters surrounding Aruba provide diving and snorkling opportunities that are second to none. And third, tourists love Aruba because there is no poverty on the island. There is virtually no unemployment on the island, and native Arubans make most everything from natural resources. Kayaking, parasailing, and golf are popular tourist choices as well, thanks to year-round temperate weather.

I visited Aruba for my friend's wedding last year, which was amazing. If you're thinking about an island wedding, consider Aruba seriously. They will provide everything. You just show up with the guests and you're good to go!

Aruba now boasts its own brewery, which manufactures Balashi brand beer made with no artificial preservatives. Casinos lure tourists as well, but there is plenty of shopping available for those eager to part with their money! For more information on Aruba, visit:

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By guest writer Kathleen A.