The land that was once called Mesopotamia, is the land between the two rivers, Iraq. This country is full of archeological and historical treasures that have been covered in blood for too many years.
Places like Babylon, Ur, Samarra, Nineveh or Ninawa and Nimrud are cities that take you thousands of years back, to times when life was something out of a fairytale or a lantern.
Civilizations that preceded the Persian, Greek and Roman empires are still hiding behind walls and under the soil and need to be re-excavated to understand the Assyrian ways of travel, religion and art and more.


Unfortunately, re-excavation is the only word to be used because things haven't been so smooth with these archeological treasures and life hasn't been so kind to them; neglect, wars and looting have been the main reason why these places are as they are today.
There are no words that would give the treasures of Iraq their true value, but we can only hope that things will get better, antiquities will be renovated and protected and flowers will grow back to receive the love that it deserves.
Hopefully we will once again be able to travel to Iraq and discover the hidden treasures in peace and security.