LG G Watch May Be on Shelves in June

LG G watch

LG might just be ahead of Motorola in launching one of its Android Wear devices. The company has put up a teaser site displaying the goodness of its upcoming G Watch! Though it doesn't say much, the site’s presentation makes the smartwatch look absolutely tempting!

G Watch promises great capabilities as what Google’s Android Wear OS brings. Among them is giving you “useful information when you need it most” and simply saying “OK Google” in order to get things done like send a text or search the web.

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Main Differences when building an Arabic or European Website

The advancements in technology such as internet and satellite have also immensely contributed to the world becoming the proverbial global village. Many countries and organizations have come to appreciate and embrace the significant role that the internet plays in their day to day lives and as a result they have adopted its use. This is evident through the number of companies that have opted to either create a website, blog or online platform. However, building of such websites differs from one website to another. These differences go beyond the type of platform and programming language used or even functionality of the website. This is more evident in the building of Arabic sites.

Building websites

As a result of cultural and religious factors, designing of Arabic websites greatly differs from designing European Websites.

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Motorola Unveils Android Wear Moto 360 Smartwatch!

Forget your fantasies about Rolex! That watch is too expensive anyway. Only the uber rich can afford that luxury. Why not set your eyes no Motorola’s new smartwatch, the Moto 360! This device is just one of the few wearable gadgets that run Google’s latest mobile operating system spin-off Android Wear.

moto 360

Moto 360 is a watch so it shouldn’t be confused for the game console Xbox 360. At first glance, the Moto 360 looks like a typical watch but a stylish one. It is has a round face design and is made of premium materials according to Motorola.

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Sony’s Project Morpheus for Virtual Reality

Virtual reality? Sony is trying its hand in this department through its Project Morpheus. The company revealed this latest undertaking at the Game Developer Conference in San Francisco.

Sony’s Project Morpheus

Project Morpheus is a virtual reality headset for the PlayStation 4. It has a head-mounted display that functions together with the PlayStation Camera. The display specifically holds a 1080p resolution and 90-degree view. In order to work like a team with the console’s camera, the headset has built-in accelerometer and gyroscope. According to Sony this feature will track head orientation and movement so that the virtual world also moves in real time.

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LG G Pro 2 Now Selling in Asian Markets

If LG is the smartphone brand that you prefer, better be aware that the new LG G Pro 2 is now available!

Well, in Asian markets anyway like Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Philippines and others. But I think it will also ship to the United States and Europe soon. As it should since the G Pro 2 looks like a superb device.

The LG G pro 2 is designed with a huge 5.9-inch full-HD IPS display with 1080 x 1920-pixel resolution.

LG G Pro 2

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Apple’s iPhone 5c Now Available in 8GB Version

Apple is now offering a cheaper option of their iPhone 5c handset! An 8GB version of the said device is now up for sale at Apple’s UK website as well as the O2 website.

Apple’s iPhone 5c

Apple has the 8GB iPhone 5c listed on its UK website with a £429 price tag which is £120 less than the 32GB version and £40 less than the 16GB version.

UK’s O2 also offers the new 8GB iPhone 5c for an upfront cost of £409.99. Of course it comes with a two-year contract. Those who opt to pay £409.99 for the device will have the cheapest plan of just £13 per month consisting of 500MB of data and 500 call minutes.

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Google Play Store Tightens Security, Adds Password Options

Google is introducing a new feature that will prevent unintentional purchases over the Google Play Store.
It’s a minor tweak in the Play Store application but it sure sounds useful. Play Store users will be asked to re-enter their passwords when they try to download an app from the store.

Google Play Store Tightens Security

There are configurations that users can choose from. I think the safest option is requiring the password for all purchases through Google Play on this device. This is especially useful for those people who let their kids use their phones or tablets.

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Microsoft Caters to Individual Needs with Office 365 Personal

Microsoft has something new up its sleeve! The company now wants to cater to the individual needs of its users hence it will be releasing Office 365 Personal, a new Office 365 subscription plan!

Microsoft Office 365 Personal

Designed for individual users, Office 365 Personal will only be available for one desktop computer and for one tablet. Subscription will cost individual users $6.99 per month or $69.99 a year. Subscribers will enjoy 20GB of OneDrive Storage, 60 minutes of Skype calls per month and the latest Office version, which are the same with the Office 365 Home Premium.

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Samsung Galaxy Core Advance Gets Three New Accessories

Samsung’s Galaxy Core Advance may not be your first smartphone of choice but not for the visually impaired now that Samsung has added three new accessories to make their lives a bit easier!

Samsung Galaxy Core Advance

The first accessory is the case called Ultrasonic Cover that features a small sensor on top. This sensor detects obstacles along the way by up to 6.5 feet away. If a person or thing is detected, it sends warning through vibration alert.

Another useful accessory for the visually impaired is the Voice Label, which allows users to record notes about certain objects around them. Voice Label automatically plays these recorded notes when the phone is near them.

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Leaked LG Lucid 3 Sports New Design!

Remember LG Lucid 2? It’s been almost a year since that handset was released, so it’s just about timefor its successor to come out. And based on the latest leak by @evleaks the LG Lucid 3 will be out in the market soon!

Leaked LG Lucid 3

The photo posted by @evleaks shows that with Lucid 3 LG has changed course in terms of design. The third generation of Lucid handsets sports rounded corners and a physical home key unlike the Lucid 2, which has square corners and capacitive buttons. When put right next to the Lucid 2, the change in design is glaringly obvious.

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Leaked HTC Desire 8 is Pretty Sleek

A smartphone to desire! This is definitely what the new HTC Desire 8 looks like based on the latest photo of it online. Chinese website MyDrivers posted the latest photo plus a few details about the phone’s specs!

HTC Desire 8

It seems HTC Desire 8 is a mid-range device which comes with dual-SIM capability. This Smartphone is a bit on the big size since it features a 5.5-inch display whose resolution is unknown. Front and rear cameras are installed as well. For the front expect a 5MP shooter and a 13MP camera at the rear.

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Flappy Bird Developer Removes App to Prevent Addiction

Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird is the game that is getting everyone hooked these days. Its developer Dong Nguyen never expected the success it was able to attain in just a year after it was launched. At its peak, Flappy Bird is earning $50,000 in advertising revenue alone.

But two days ago, Nguyen decided to take the game down from all app stores because “it was just too addictive.” Apparently, he only wanted to create a game that people could enjoy for a few minutes and the fact that some people spend hours playing it was not something he expected.

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Ricoh WG-20 Rugged Camera for $199.95

Rugged cameras are commonly expensive because of their composition, but the new Ricoh WG-20 camera is different. This camera is designed for people who love adventures and are always on the go. It is made of durable construction and very easy-to-use features and comes with a very affordable price tag. For $199.95 it sure won’t bust the budget.

Ricoh WG-20

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Make a Valentine's Statement with Red LG Nexus 5!

Want to make a statement? Do so with the red Google Nexus 5! You read that right. LG has announced that their super successful Nexus 5 handset is now also available in bright red color besides black and white. I know this is great news for all trendy customers out there.

LG has also timed the announcement of the red Nexus 5 pretty well. It’s going to be Valentine’s Day in a few days time so this red gadget can be an ideal gift for a special loved one.

Red LG Nexus 5

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