Sony Google TV Box Enhanced with Voice Search

One year after Sony released the NSZ-GS7 Internet Player with Google TV, the company decided to make a follow up to the device. The follow up device is called NSZ-GS8. The two devices donít have much difference in terms of appearance. Well no difference at all I must say. The changes that Sony made in the second generation Google TV player are in its capabilities.

Sony Google TV Box NSZ-GS8

First, it now has Voice Search capability. Sony integrated a mic in the accompanying remote control so; users just have to speak into the mic if they want to search for any kind of content.

Second, the Google TV box comes with Google Chrome Browser that will display all the search results for an item that the owner is looking for.

Third, sharing photos and videos from a mobile device can be done seamlessly as well. Thereís no need to use cords anymore. Even those using iPhone or iPad can enjoy this benefit simply by downloading the Airtight app.

Take note, the new Sony NSZ-GS8 can be plugged into any TV with HDMI connection.
According to Sony, this device will be in stores in early July for $199.

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