Zain Rzoom Is the New Favourite Google Play App for Memes

A good time-occupant, Zain Rzoom is perfect when you need a good laugh!

Zain Rzoom

If you are an avid internet user, you cannot avoid a meme! And if you’re a fan of memes, there’s a possibility that you have tried making one yourself via meme-making websites. While these web-based meme-makers have a huge stockpile of memes, they are certainly not hilarious! That’s where Zain Rzoom, a one of a kind application lets you create your very own animated videos!

All you have to do is select your Avatar, give it an action, record your voice, and then share it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or text the video to your friends! It’s that easy! Featuring more than 250 2D Characters and 100+ 3D Characters, Zain Rzoom is one of the highest rated meme apps. It also boasts of a high quality audio recorder, a camera capture, a callout, a Gif animation support and background video.

That’s not all! The app lets you export your videos to your favourite social media networks. Fun to use and great to look at, Zain Rzoom is a one-of-its-kind meme generator app that is colorful and fun! Usable and efficient for all of those who like to keep it simple, yet stylish, Zain Rzoom is a great source for some hearty laughs!