World’s First Life Size 3D Printout From India

Shah Rukh Khan 3d printed

When we think “India”, we think of delicious Indian food, Taj Mahal and Bollywood … but there’s more to Hindustan than only that!

India has excelled in the past years in Space science and computer technology; Just a couple of months ago, India’s first mission to Mars “Mangalyaan” was successful and they managed to get clear photos of the Red Planet. That’s more of an accomplishment than many other countries around the world could say they’ve done!

And now, India has ventured into the latest technology of 3D printing!

3D printing is something I haven’t been able to wrap my head around fully … I’ve read a bit about it and I still can’t fully understand how the objects come out as actual functioning objects!

The other day, 3D printer makers MakerBot introduced new materials that can be used in printing; limestone, maplewood, bronze and iron!

I’ve seen videos of 3D printers making a hammer, a vase and other small objects, but in India they managed to make the world’s first life size statue printout … and it had to be of the famous Bollywood actor, Shah Rukh Khan.

The printout, or may I say statue, is so detailed that it captures the folds in the trousers and shirt and even the actor’s dimples!
I’m not sure what the material the statue is made of, but it’s silver and shiny and Uber cool!
This is a joint achievement of VFX company Redchillies and Autodesk India.