Unlock Samsung New Mystery with Just Your Eyes

Nobody bends it better than Samsung Galaxy Note 7!

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung’s newest baby, the Galaxy Note 7 can unlock the screen just by reading your eyes! Whoa! Sounds like fun! The phablet is one of the first smartphones to feature an iris scanner that can let you into your phone in seconds. Featuring premium design and functions the Galaxy Note 7 is a monstrous phablet with a fit and finish better than any of the Korean firm’s other smartphones.

While the Iris scanner is the big new thing on Galaxy Note 7, the phablet yet features a fingerprint scanner under the home button. The Note 7 also features similar specifications to the Galaxy S7 Edge, including its IP68 rating making it waterproof and dustproof. In addition, the phablet is deemed to have monstrous capability for storage and performance. With a 5.7in quad HD screen, integrated S-pen stylus and a USB-C port, Samsung’s new kid features a screen ready for the new high dynamic range video standard.

The new tech marvel also oversees changes to the software, including the ability to turn video into gifs directly from the screen and various other stylus-related tools, including the ability to write on the smartphone’s screen when it’s asleep without having to wake it up. While all of these renewed features make Galaxy Note 7 a must-have phablet, it is the company’s Gear VR headset, which Samsung says it has reworked to be more comfortable to wear and use that is of major interest to its fans.

With a new focus on function, premium materials and security, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 promises to be the new rage!