Try These Top Gaming Tablets

Nvidia Shield K1

Tablets have provided us with a great way to do everything from reading books to watching movies, but they are also great little gaming devices too.

So here’s a look at the latest tablets that can provide some solid gaming entertainment in 2017.

Nvidia Shield K1

Whilst this compact 8-inch HD device can do many things that you’d expect from a tablet, it’s definitely built for gamers in mind as you can stream PC games direct to Nvidia Shield for the maximum in quality gameplay convenience.

This is because the Nvidia Shield K1 comes equipped with a powerful 192-core Kepler GPU that will supercharge any Android game, plus it allows you to play the Tegra-optimised games too. Whilst you need to pay the extra to get the full experience for the Shield Controller, it’s clear that Nvidia have made a strong lead in the gaming tablet realm.

Google Pixel C

Google Pixel C

For PC gamers who rely on a keyboard for their gaming adventures, the Google Pixel C could be well-worth a look.

Whilst the weird aspect ratio might put off some gamers, the 10.2-inch display offers a high resolution, and with 3GB of Ram and an Nvidia graphics chip, it should be able to handle the latest mobile MOBA title. Whether anybody who wants to place your wager at a simple online roulette game at Lucky Nugget Casino will need a heavy-duty keyboard is up for debate, but Google have certainly expanded our options in the tablet market.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 presents another aspect ratio to consider with the device’s 4:3 ratio being a good all-rounder when compared to the more cumbersome 16:9 ratio that the Amazon Fire uses that’s probably more useful for watching widescreen movies.

The 9.7-inch screen is an AMOLED display that offers a super-sharp viewing experience and the battery lasts a good 10 hours on average use.

Whilst high-paced games can cause the occasional shudder in the way that graphics are displayed, it’s worth mentioning that since the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is just around the corner, then the Tab 2 could enjoy a price drop soon. This that means that it’ll be a good budget offering for anyone who wants to keep things simple for online roulette games or simple puzzling titles.