Sony New Sound Bar Recreates Sounds in 3D Space

The HT-ST5000 is perfect for home theatre setups!

Sony New Sound Bar 2017

Zain Jordan

‘Object-based’ sound is the latest offering from Sony’s new sound bar. As Sony’s flagship sound bar for 2017, the new model has top-notch features including Dolby Atmos – a technology that tries to recreate the precise positioning of sounds in three-dimensional space.

The sound bar – HT-ST5000 also comes with value-add features as hi-res audio and twelve advanced speakers. Perfect for home theatre setups, the sound bar has a number or ports and connectivity options: three HDMI ports, one HDMI ARC port, a USB input, Bluetooth and NFC, and a number of digital and analog connections.

Developed with a Chromecast built-in, the sound bar features Sony’s wave-front control technology called S-Force PRO Front Surround that channels the sound waves in the right direction to facilitate power room filling audio output. It also has features that calibrates audio quality and optimizes the movie playback.

While the pricing and availability have not been defined, we are utmost certain that when released, the new sound bar will sell like hot cakes!

Zain Zoom