Sneak-Peek: Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Believed to Undergo Major Lift

Leaks suggest key improvements in the much-rumored phablet!

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Okay ladies and gentlemen, the rumor mill spins again! With mere few hours ahead of the launch, the believed design and specifications for Samsung much-rumored Galaxy Note 7 phablet have leaked over the weekend. Suggesting key improvements in the imaging, processing and memory stakes, Galaxy Note 7 promises new imaging capabilities, effective power and plenty of optimizations.

According to the leaks, the Galaxy Note 7 will be the first Android phone with potentially 500GB of storage. More revelations suggest that the handset will carry USB-C connection rather than microUSB and an iris scanner for enhanced security. In addition, the Galaxy Note 7 is believed to sport a metal frame, a 5.7-inch QHD Super AMOLED display, a 12-megapixel rear-camera, 64GB of onboard storage and 4GB of RAM. That’s not all; if revelations are to be believed, the Note 7 will also be waterproof and dustproof. The latter seems a perfect bet for the Middle East weather conditions!

While the specs certainly sound interesting, a new iteration of Samsung’s Gear VR headset is also believed to be released in conjunction with the Galaxy Note 7. It’ll have a larger field-of-view than today’s Gear VR headset (110 degrees versus 96 or so) have a USB-C port for connecting up your brand-new Galaxy Note 7.

Well, looks like Samsung’s new uplift is going to be insane. And if even half the rumors are true, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 will certainly sweep the market by storm! Watch the unpacked event on the 2nd of August 2016.