Snapchat Unveils its Camera-Equipped Spectacles and Rebrands to Snap Inc.

Now that’s a snappy move!


Zain Jordan

Snapchat, which now calls itself a camera company has unveiled its sexy new Spectacles- a pair of glasses that is fitted with 115-degree camera and can record a video of 10 seconds at a time by tapping a button on the device.

This is Snapchat’s first hardware product and will be available for a price of $130 sometime this fall. While the spectacles come in three bold colors, it’s a free size model that will fit all. So if you’re looking to record a video, you don’t have to shove the phone in front of your face to record the snap. All you need to do is tap a button on the side of the glasses which records a video. The video is then uploaded to the ‘Memories’ section of the popular app via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The glasses record circular video, such that it plays full-screen on any device in any orientation.

In conjunction to its new product, Snapchat has also rebranded itself as Snap Inc. — a reflection that Snapchat is no longer a messaging application and its offerings now go beyond that scope. While the app name remains untouched, the launch of Spectacle and rebranding to Snap Inc. is certainly a positive change for the company.

Zain Zoom