Seagate 60TB SSD is a Wondrous Invention!

Seagate’s behemoth 60TB SSD is ideal for large-scale enterprise data centers!

Seagate 60TB SSD

Zain Jordan

Wouldn’t it be fun to have all your favourite movies or photos on one drive? Brilliant, isn’t it? Seagate has developed a whopping 60 TB solid-state-drive, the largest SSD yet with that sort of capacity to give shape to your dreams. While the monstrous SSD is a perfect solution for all movie buffs, the sad news is that the SSD is only meant for businesses.

Featuring a power efficiency of just 4TB/watt, the SSD comes in a 3.5-inch form factor packed with ultra-dense 3D NAND flash from Micron and delivers more density than two 16TB 2.5-inch SSDs as a result.

Developed specifically for large-scale enterprise data centers that need maximum storage and compute performance, this monstrous SSD is ideal for large local or cloud-based storage arrays, online videos, active archives and read-intensive environments.

While the Seagate 60TB SSD will be launched in 2017, the company promises that the price for the SSD will be a heart-warming delight. Well, here’s hoping for a refreshing retreat!

Zain Zoom