Samsung’s Mythical Smartphone is a Foldable Revolution

The smartphone has been dubbed as the Galaxy X for now!


Zain Jordan

You might be an iPhone fan, but if you hear this, your loyalties might change! Samsung, the Korean tech giant is rumoured to introduce a foldable smartphone which has been dubbed the Galaxy X for now. Here are the rumoured details.

Samsung might introduce the revolutionary phone in the third quarter of 2017, sometime through July or September.

No. of Phones
It is rumoured that Samsung might produce 100,000 foldable devices the year. LG is also rumoured to produce the same type of phone.

The rumour mill suggests a smartphone (size unknown) that folds out into a 7-inch tablet once opened. Samsung has patented a number of different designs, and publicly shown off multiple different concepts -from cylindrical roll-out device, to a more realistic wallet-style foldout handset, the mythical phone could be just about anything!

While speculations are many, time will tell if Samsung’s mythical phone will see the light of day!

Zain Zoom