Samsung Bolts Forward in the Race for the Largest SSD

Samsung 16 TB SSD

Samsung appears to have taken an unassailable lead in the technology competition for largest SSD drive. The South Korean giant announced a new 16TB SSD at the 2015 Flash Memory Summit.

The SSD is able to generate a massive increase in density courtesy the 3D NAND technology that Samsung announced earlier in the month. Referred as V-NAND by the company, it contains new type of stacks 48-layer chips which are connected through an estimated 1.8 billion channel hole. The chips can hold up to 256Gb (32GB), meaning 512 chips provide 16TB of data.

Unfortunately for the consumer side, such capacity is not to be expected anytime. While things are expected to pick up but albeit at much slower pace. As for tech enthusiasts who are looking to buy this, Samsung has yet to release a price but we imagine it will be something that might kill the enthusiasm for the product.