Red Alert: Pokémon Intruders Not Allowed

Stop Pokémon GO gamers from intruding into your private space!

Pokémon Intruders

Well, so Pokémon GO is sweeping the nation. Kids and adults are wandering around town staring at their phones trying to capture Pokémon monsters, or something. While the new augmented reality gaming app has got people moving out of their couches, the app has also been criticized for lack of safety measures.

In the rush to capture a few Pokémon critters, reports suggest that people have been noticed venturing into private properties, abandoned parking lots, blocking driveways and scaring people. All this, just for a game!

While we agree that Pokémon GO is the future of mobile gaming, it isn’t right for gamers to intrude into someone’s private space. Here are our top five suggestions for not letting Pokémon intruders venture into your space by inserting Signboards that read-

– ‘BEWARE- Pokémon Gamers’ Not Allowed
– Get off the Lawn Pokémon Maniacs
– Grow Up Pokémon Go Players! Stop the Nuisance!
– Leave us Alone! We Don’t Need Company in the Form of Pokémon Go Players
– Watch out Pokésteps! Trespassers are not allowed!

While Pokémon GO is evidence of a powerful change, we shouldn’t let the desperation force us to intrude into someone’s privacy.
So the next time you find yourself hovering around someone’s private space, watch out for the signboards!