Raspberry Pi Zero is a Small Wonder

The latest version of the credit-card sized PC is smaller than its predecessors!

Raspberry Pi Zero

Good things come in small packages! This holds true with Raspberry Pi. The revolutionary Foundation has recently introduced a super-cheap, yet powerful PC at $5. While the mini sensation lacks a screen, mouse and a keyboard, just like its ancestors, it is a fully functional computer. With a mini HDMI slot for the display, two micro-USB slots, a micro-SD card slot, 512 MB RAM and a CPU faster than the original Pi, the little wonder from Raspberry Pi Foundation is an exclusive treat.

A surprisingly powerful machine, the Zero is a full-featured computer that can be turned into a mini retro gaming system, a fashion symbol that fits in anywhere on your clothes, a motion tracking system, or a mini Bitcoin mining rig. While the possibilities are endless, the Pi Zero is a fun machine at a killer price.

So if you’ve been thinking of some dramatic gifting ideas this holiday season, look no further, but Raspberry Pi’s Zero!