Pokémon GO Will the Augmented Reality Game Continue its Frenzy or Just Fade out?

The inspiring technology has certainly unlocked the hidden opportunities!

Pokemon Go

What started as a joke has shaped into reality! When Google released a funny video that mashed up Google Maps and Pokémon in 2014, no one had the slightest idea that this would turn real. Two years later, Niantic has turned this joke into reality by creating an augmented reality based game called Pokémon GO.

Pokémon GO relies on your phone’s GPS and camera to create the illusion that Pokémon are all around you. It encourages the users to venture out into the real world in search of imaginary creatures. Ever since Pokémon GO was launched, the game has been a huge hit. Reports suggest that within two days of its release, Pokémon GO had been installed on 5.16 per cent of Android phones in the United States and it has added more than $7 billion to parent company Nintendo’s market value. To encourage more people to play the game, a “Pokémon GO” app has been introduced recently that gives you clues with a nearby tab and subtle animations in the game’s map view.

While Pokémon GO has crashed all records for Candy Crush and Angry Birds, it yet remains unforeseen if the growth can last forever. While some experts called the Pokémon GO a gaming bubble, it is to be noted that augmented reality has now officially gone mainstream.

As time goes on, and technology advances, augmented reality or AR as they call it will open up more opportunities to venture into mainstream. The game’s quick rise has certainly paved way for more cash being pumped into this budding industry.