Opting Between LG V10 and Samsung Galaxy Note 5

The choice is tough!

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs LG V10

If you’re torn between LG V10 and Samsung Galaxy Note 5, here’s a specs review to help you make a quick decision.

Design and Display: Both the phones have put in invariable efforts to look better than the other. While the Samsung flagship features a larger focus on looks and builds quality with a premium metal and glass unibody construction, LG continues to focus on design and build quality based on functionality. Both the smartphones showcase 5.7 inch displays with Samsung banking on Super AMOLED, while the V10 features a IPS LCD panel.

Hardware & Software: Both smartphones come with 3,000 mAh batteries, but the Galaxy Note 5 does seem to provide slightly better battery life. LG’s speakers offer better sound quality while Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5 includes hardware as the heart rate monitor on the back, and the S-Pen, nestled neatly away into the bottom the right corner. 32 GB and 64 GB are the available storage options with the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, but with Samsung lacking expandable storage, users will have to settle with higher storage iteration to cover their needs. On the other hand, 64 GB is the option available with the LG V10, with an expandable storage via microSD card by up to 200 GB. As about the software, both the LG V10 and Galaxy Note 5 are running Android 5.1.1 Lollipop.

Performance & Camera Functionalities: Both the phones are smooth and snappy with their performance. LG V10 does better with RAM management though. The Galaxy Note 5 provides better recital in terms of load times and frame rates. The cameras are exceptionally good with both the phones. While Galaxy Note 5 offers warmer effects with personal effects, LG V10 is a little cooler with less saturated colors, often capturing a more accurate representation of the scene.

Final Word: Now that we have a thorough understanding of both the super phones, we believe it’s a lot easier to make the choice. If you prefer design and display, Galaxy Note 5 is your choice. However, if you insist only on performance, LG V10 is a perfect match.

Let us know which one you settle for.