Old-School Commodore 64 Still Being Used at an Auto Repair Shop

The Commodore 64 has been used for 25 years at the auto shop!

Commodore 64

Zain Jordan

In an age where babies are given smartphones and tabs in place of a pacifier, an auto repair shop in Gdansk, Poland yet uses a Commodore 64 to run its operations. Commodore International introduced its Commodore 64 to the world 34 years ago.

While the system has been long out-dated, the auto repair shop has been using the computer to balance driveshafts for the past 25 years. This is indeed a celebration of history! While C64 is rare to find, working models can be found at museums and historic labs.

If reports are to be believed it is said that the old-school computer has shrugged off plenty of abuse over the years. It’s been soaked by rain coming in a nearby open window and most likely shat on by birds. Whoa! Now isn’t this the perfect example of old is gold?

Zain Zoom