Nintendo Switch: A Fun-future for Games

The new console is undeniably different and innovative!

Nintendo Switch

Zain Jordan

Nintendo Switch is pretty awesome. With two playful new controllers, called JoyCon, attached on each side, the Switch also has a touchscreen, a major feature of the company’s last two portable devices and its current home console.

Promising a fun new future, the core concept of the Switch, a home console that you can take with you on the go, is undeniably appealing. In addition, you simply get to lift the tablet-like device out of its dock, snap on the two controllers and you’re instantly in handheld mode. However, it is disappointing to know that the battery life for a powerful portable console can last only between 2.5 to six hours depending on the game.

However, the Switch is comfortable to use, the JoyCon themselves can be best described as palm-sized Wii remotes. Perfect to track motion, the JoyCon is an adorable innovation from Nintendo. To be available in March at a price of $299, Nintendo’s Switch appears to be a cute little console that can do a lot, however, only time will tell if it’s a runway success or fizzes out!

Zain Zoom