Narrate Your Story with Google Toontastic

Toontastic will allow kids to create their own 3D stories

Toontastic google

Zain Jordan

Psychologists believe that the ability for kids to narrate their stories give them a sense of freedom and help them in acquiring language and learning basic social cues. In an attempt to offer kids an edge over the traditional story hearing apps, Google – the largest search engine has launched an animation app for children called Toontastic.

Toontastic will allow kids to create their own 3D stories. While the app will permit kids to draw a character in a 2D space, the character will then be rendered in 3D and inserted into a campfire scene. Using the using the app’s editor and camera features, kids will simply animate and narrate their own stories by selecting their characters and background.

An app that feels a little more than a toy, the 3D version of the app is is available on the Google Play store and iOS App Store. If you or your child hasn’t set your eye on this app, now’s the time!

Zain Zoom