Microsoft “The Best Windows Ever” Should You Switch to Apple?


Microsoft, the household name that took respect in every part of the earth still isn’t doing well.

Bill Gates served this planet really well with his brain, and so did Steve Jobs but to each his own way. After the tremendous lift from the terrific fail of Vista, Microsoft took their name to a new pedestal with Windows 7. The success didn’t last long as people from music producers to home users complained about Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

Windows 10 “the best windows ever” -as promised- turned out to be superior to Windows 8, with almost 27 million downloads there were a lot of problems with it. Here are the top 5 problems addressed by most casual users and which you’re probably going to face when upgrading to Windows 10:

1. Search bar and Task View buttons cannot be moved

Yes there is no way to customize to your own preferences.

2. Virtual Desktop configurability, start menu isn’t customizable

The new feature Microsoft introduced to have virtual desktops to ease your work and make everything neat, came to a huge fail. It is not customizable whatsoever, consumers still use the Alt+Tab to go over the open apps. Not to mention, some people don’t like the start menu and guess what? You can’t do anything about it.

3. Constant Annoying updates and notifications

Microsoft insists that you sign up to their Office 365 with an annoying notification that appears on the right corner of the screen. Not to mention the terrible forced-on you updates that could keep you waiting for a while when you’re in a rush to get your work done.

4. Licenses of some programs disappeared

Yes, the 500$ you paid for the expensive program had just went away due to god knows what happened, a number customers complained about their licenses and the capability of activating and registering their products.

5. Endless crashes after updates and bug fixes

Microsoft released a cumulative bug fix but still, Windows 10 keeps crashing over and over again.

Do you really want to upgrade? Come on.