Knock Knock Feature Makes Google Duo App More Fun


Zain Jordan

Heard of Google Duo? It may sound like the name of a smartphone, but it’s not. It’s the new app for making video calls on mobile phones and no other device. Sure there are lots of video calling apps available nowadays, count in Skype, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat and Google’s own Hangouts, but Duo offers something unique. Unlike the aforementioned apps, Google’s Duo has a fun feature called Knock Knock that allows you to see your caller before you even answer! Being able to see the person at the other end of the line before clicking the answer button will definitely make video calling more comfortable.

Here are some more things that will endear this new app to you. First, there would be no element of unpleasant surprise because Duo works with the people you have stored in your contacts. Next, you can block a caller that you don’t want. And then, tests of the Duo show that call quality is actually good. Calls are maintained even when you swap Wi-Fi for cellular data during a call. It’s bothersome when calls get cut when connection quality is poor so, this is a very welcome feature of Duo. Lastly, setup is a breeze since the app only needs your phone number and sends a confirmation text to it.

But as I mentioned Google’s new Duo is solely for video chat. You can’t use it anywhere else other than your phone. Don’t expect conference calls to be available or any other fancy feature.

Google Duo is available for iPhones and Android phones.

Zain Zoom