Instagram Live Video Streaming Rolls Out in the U.S.

instagram live

Photo sharing is slowly becoming passé as social networks start offering live video streaming. This feature has been available in Facebook and Snapchat for some time. Now, no one can say that Instagram is lagging in this area because the company is now rolling out its “Live” video streaming feature!

So, how does Instagram Live differ from what Facebook and Snapchat offer? While Instagram Live allows users to broadcast their day-to-day activity in real time for up to one hour, the app will not store videos for later viewing. Simply put, a video will disappear once the user is done broadcasting. A notification will be sent to followers as soon as a user taps the “Start Live Video” button. Users have the option to pin comments or turn-off comments as they wish.

Another thing, Instagram users can also explore other users’ live streaming videos by just tapping the “Top Live” button.

Instagram announced this new feature last November and now it’s finally here. Well, the rollout is starting in the U.S. and for sure it’s going to be available to all countries very soon, which is good news for those who really love to post almost everything that they’re doing.