Iconic iPhone Completes a Decade

Today marks the tenth anniversary of the most-soughted smartphone!

iPhone 1

Zain Jordan

Wonder how long has it been since the iconic iPhone was introduced? It’s been almost a decade and today marks the tenth anniversary of the most-soughted smartphone.

Introduced by Steve Jobs of Apple, the revolutionary iPhone has now sold well over 1 billion handsets to customers around the world. iPhone sales continued to rise year after year until the smartphone experienced it’s first-ever slash amid a down year for Apple. Nevertheless, the phone has remained Apple’s most successful product ever, accounting for 60% of the company’s overall revenue last quarter.

When Apple stared selling iPhones, the market was dominated by Nokia and BlackBerry, however, over the years, Apple’s smart technology has wiped away its competitors allowing the brand to steer ahead of its competition. With extraordinary features as App Store and 3G network support, retina display, Siri and iCloud, Touch ID, live photos and video recording and waterproofing and dual-lens camera, the iPhone has become a household name.
Come 2017 and the brand is only set to grow – bigger and better. The rumour-mill has it that the new model of iPhone to be launched in 2017 will feature glass casing with a curved OLED display. The device may sport a nearly bezel-less edge-to-edge design with no physical Home button, but rather Touch ID embedded directly into the display. Other rumoured features include wireless charging, facial or iris recognition and a vertical dual-lens camera capable of 3D photography effects.

While time will tell the intensity of the truth, we certainly don’t doubt Apple’s capability to create a larger than life phone to woo its audiences in 2017.

Zain Zoom