Google RAISR Improves Image Quality Without Sacrificing Bandwidth

This impressive technology is designed to save your precious data!


Zain Jordan

This might be good news for all you who have been cribbing about bandwidth shortage. Google has developed a new technique that improves the quality of your image without taking up more bandwidth.

Known as Rapid and Accurate Super Image Resolution (RASIR), this impressive technology is designed to save your precious data without sacrificing photo quality. It works simple, yet smart! The tool quickly reads large photos and manages to replicate them using a quarter of the pixels.

Google claims that the new tool will use up to 75 % less bandwidth per image. Unfortunately for the majority of smartphone users, the machine learning-powered tech is currently only available on Google+.

Don’t lose heart; Google will expand the use of this revolutionary technology across varied apps and services over the coming weeks and months.

Zain Zoom