Google 2016 Phones to Oversee a New Launcher

Reports suggest significant changes to the new software!

Google 2016 Nexus Launcher

There are a whole lot of new phones to be launched in the next half of 2016 and Google’s next Nexus devices which will be built by HTC are the most awaited tech gadgets. Reports suggest that it’s just not the software that has fans waiting impatiently, but also a new Android launcher that Google has reportedly created for the upcoming new Nexus handsets.

Google intends to shake up the home screen in some small but interesting ways for its next set of Nexus phones. The new version of the software will witness changes to the app drawer, the Now pane and the Search widget.

Reports suggest that the app drawer will no longer be opened up by the touch of a button, but instead allow users to drag up from anywhere in the app dock to open the drawer and see other apps. The app dock will also feature a blurring effect to make apps stand out. In addition, Google aims to remove the Search box from the top row and replace it with a non-removable calendar widget. Similarly, on the side will be a little tab with a “G” on it, prompting users to drag over and see what Google’s Now pane has to offer.

While we aren’t sure if these changes will come into effect immediately, the new version of Nexus software certainly looks interesting!