Get The Money You Need in 15 Minutes!

GreenWallet Jordanian Startup

What if you could get the money you need for day-to-day expenses, without having to ask friends or family? GreenWallet makes it possible.

GreenWallet is a micro-lending FinTech startup based out of Amman, Jordan that uses smart loan technology that allows users to get fast, convenient, easy to access funds without the pain and embarrassment of asking loved ones for money.

It gives loans faster than anyone else, with no lengthy paperwork to wade through. GreenWallet’s unique streamlined online process will give users a decision in less than 15 minutes.

By applying online; users will be asked some basic questions which will be used to issue their funds and score their credit worthiness.

Users can pick up their funds at any Western Union or Money Gram location, as well as GreenWallet’s network of loan officers.

Ali Tabbalat greenwallet winner orange big jordan

GreenWallet launched in January 2016 and has won the Orange Developers Challenge for 2015, in addition to being voted as one of the top 15 innovative startups in Jordan for 2016.

GreenWallet uses an algorithm that pulls and analysis all the data that people generate online (be it social media, surfing, ecommerce purchases, financial transactions, etc…) in addition to who their friends are, how often they interact, their networks, their interest tagged photos, you name it, now this massive amount of data analyzed in conjunction with the studies of anthropology and behavioral economics provide a source of rich data about their character such as their trustworthiness and reliability turns the information into a score that says if they’re likely to pay back or default on their loans.