Gadgets Every Marketing Student Needs

Gadgets Every Marketing Student Needs

Now that you’ve enrolled in an online bachelor of science in marketing at a prestigious school such as Arizona State University, it’s time to get yourself ready. No we don’t mean which books you need to buy, we’re taking about the top gadgets that every marketing student needs in their arsenal. These gadgets are sure to make studying more convenient, efficient, and more fun!

Don’t Rely on Wi-Fi
If you plan on earning your marketing degree online, then you need reliable and fast internet access. While Wi-Fi is certainly great and has many advantages, speed and reliability aren’t always at the top of the list. Instead you’ll want to invest in a high-quality Ethernet cable so you can hardwire into the network. You will experience much faster download and upload speeds, which is imperative in online studies. Keep in mind these can be expensive and they come in various lengths. It’s best to shop around and watch for sales if possible.

A Flash Drive
This is an absolute must-have gadget for any student. You don’t need a massive one, just one large enough to store files when you need them to be portable. This can also be handy if you plan on printing files outside of your house.

Bluetooth Enabled Coffee Maker
The life of a student includes all kinds of things and one of those is late nights and long study sessions. Coffee is likely going to be your best friend while you work to earn your online marketing degree. So, with that said a Bluetooth enabled coffee maker could end up being your new best friend. This works like a normal coffee maker but once you download the app you’ll be able to turn it on whenever you like so the brewing can begin. You can even set up timers through the app.

A Roll-Up Keyboard
Because you may not always be studying in your room or home, it can be handy to have a roll-up keyboard that you can take with you. This can be used with your tablet while you’re on the go, giving you instant access to a full-sized keyboard. Look for one that is spill-proof just to play it safe.

The OtterBox Phone Charging Case
Why not accomplish two things at once with the OtterBox phone charging case. What this gadget does is charge your phone while keeping it protected should you drop it. No matter where you are, or what you’re doing, you won’t have to worry about your phone running out of power. The case has an auto-stop feature that will stop the charging once a full charge has been reached.

A Laptop Stand
If you plan on working on a laptop then you’re going to want a laptop stand. This stand makes it possible to move around the room to different locations yet still have a comfortable set up. Some even require you to belt or snap your laptop in so it protects them from sliding or falling off.

Gadgets that Make Life Easy
These gadgets are all meant to make your life easier and once you start using them you’re going to wonder how you ever got by without them.