Up-close And Personal With Google’s New Toy- Pixel C

A masterpiece of technology!

Google Pixel C Tablet

Google’s new pumped up Pixel C is an awesome hardware! Sure enough to light up your dull, boring world, this new piece of technology from Google features full keyboard, USB Type-C charger and multi-angle display functionality. The stunning lap-toy also offers 10” 308 ppi display, a 3 GB of RAM, and one of the latest graphics chips from NVIDIA.X1 quad-core processor that make its lightning-quick.

The new toy connects through magnets, while the keyboard charges wirelessly when the tablet is shut. Sleek, powerful and lightweight, the Pixel C is a perfect tech item for those seeking high-end Android tablet.

Google Pixel C Tablet

Showcasing comfortable keyboard with adjustable angles, the gorgeous beauty from Google is made of anodized aluminum has a glowing light bar located on the back of the tablet that lights up in Google’s signature colors when the display is turned on. Well-built and attractive, the Pixel C’s screen is stunning and sharp. The stereo speakers provide a great sound quality, making your day at work look, feel and sound good.

Perfect to flaunt, this dazzling beauty from Google is a must-have tech toy before you wave goodbye to 2015!

Google Pixel C Tablet


  1. I just ordered one in spite of reviewers complaining about the software. My original Nexus 7 had gotten so laggy that I just needed a better engine and the Pixel C w/ 32G was only $20 more than the Nexus 9. No keyboard as I expect a cover will be offered soon (& I had a bluetooth keyboard). S/W updates may eventually mute the complaints.

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