Apple’s Intrusive Advertising Promoting iPhone 6s is Irky

‘Discontinue the pop-up ads’, demand angry users!

iPhone 6s Pop ad

Having a phone is a personal as well as a financial choice. However, Apple has gone overboard with its advertising campaign for its latest block-buster iPhone 6s. Reports indicate that users of older iPhones, especially iPhone 5s have been encountered with unsolicited pop-ups in App Store. The ad displays a full-screen pop-up featuring the text ‘ridiculously powerful’, and includes a link to either ‘learn more’ about the handset or ‘upgrade’ to it through the Apple Store.

While Apple has used the App Store for advertising new iPhones and iPads before, this aggressive direct marketing is not leaving Apple fans in good taste. Though Apple aims to boost its sales before the year comes to an end, it should be noted that pushing users to buy its products is no fair approach to marketing. This will only serve its loyal customer base.

Whatever Apple’s motivation be, the full-screen pop-up ads seems to have gone a step too obtrusively far. While some have called it ‘uncouth’ a few other have also referred to it as ‘intimidating’. Apple, are you listening?