If you’re a normal Mac user then chances are you probably have clicked on “Garageband” then closed it because you didn’t know how it works, if you’re a musician who uses a Mac, then you definitely abused Garageband.

Garageband is a free DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) that comes with you Mac, it’s an audio recording software that musicians use to record, mix and master their own songs. The new update for Garageband had opened new doors for those who can’t afford a new piece of software, and is getting a tiny bit closer to its big brother Logic.

We live in world where what is more expensive is better, it’s that case most of the time, yet not always. Garageband is free and arrives with every Mac yet Logic has to be purchased from Apple for 199$. Both DAWs are similar to each other, the interface is almost identical, and both do the same job, so what are the differences? And why are people taking sides? Let’s have a look.

Garageband is somewhat the light version of Logic, Logic has a wider library of loops, plugins and virtual instruments. Even with the new ‘Drummer’ feature you’ll get with the new Garageband update, it is not as efficient as it is on Logic. The iPad remote control was featured on both DAWs yet, why is logic more expensive? Well, if you’re serious about recording/producing music then Logic pro got your back. With the lack of the mixing console and having to adjust everything with the volume meter on the left side of the screen, Garageband loses a point. Logic is loaded with a lot of effects and tools that will help you along the way of your mixing journey, not to mention how organized and eye/brain comforting it is to have everything listed down above the mixing console founded in Logic. The Flex Pitch Feature founded in Logic will pretty much push Garageband away, you can tune your performance and organize everything into a complete song, just quickly adjust individual notes and redesign your melodies as you wish.

Basically, if you’re a chill musician who wants to get demo-like songs and loves simplicity, go with Garageband. If you’re taking it seriously and want to get your creative side working, along with the sound you hear in your head, go with Logic. Best 200$ you’ll ever spend.