Apple is expected to launch a couple of iPhones in mid September 2015. According to reports, there will be a standard 4.7 inch phone and a 5.5 inch phone, but the jury is still out on whether they will be called iPhone 6s, iPhone 6c or iPhone 7.

The dimensions of the phone will be similar to the 6 series, it will be kept marginally thinner allowing Apple to boast about the ‘slimmest smartphone.’ From a physical aspect, not a lot will change a classic case of an ‘S’ update.

Battery life will again be scarified, it will be boosted marginally thanks to the contoured battery stacks. According to Sir Jonathan Ive, battery life is a small sacrifice for the final product to be perfect.

The rumor of dual lens camera that would take photos of DSLR quality is something that has everyone’s heads turning. The rear camera’s megapixels might be boosted to 12 MP while the already sharp front camera will be able to take photos of 1080p resolution.

leaked iPhone 6S display panel
Leaked iPhone 6S Display Panel

If all the reports and rumors are true, then Apple’s fans are in for a treat in a month or two! We for one are very eager to see what Tim Cook and co will present to the world.