Alert Alarm: Turn-off Google Voice Search To Maintain Privacy

Shhh ... Google’s listening and recording!


Zain Jordan

If you thought your conversations over the internet were secret, here’s the revelation! Google has admitted that its voice search records and keeps conversations people have around their phones. The good news is that these files can be deleted.

Every time you’ve used Google’s voice search, the search engine giant has stored those recordings allowing the company to improve its language recognition tools as well as the results that it gives to people. However, it comes with an easy way of listening to and deleting all of the information that it collects. That’s done through a special page that brings together the information that Google has on you.

If you head to Google’s history page, it shows you a long list of recordings which will show you everywhere Google has a record of you being on the internet. It might be great to hear your voice over the internet; however, it’s suggested to delete the recorded files for security reasons.
To delete the files, you can click the check box on the left and then move back to the top of the page and select delete. To get rid of everything, you can press the More button, select Delete options and then Advanced and click through.

If you ask us, the best way to delete any records of you over the internet is to switch to standard search option and to turn off the voice search. After all, nothing at the stake of your privacy!

Zain Zoom