3 Reasons for Not Buying iPhone 7

Is the new iPhone 7 worth the heft price?

iPhone Not Buying

Apple finally raised the curtains – The iPhone 7 is officially unveiled. With a long battery life and an improved camera, does the next generation phone offer value for money? Let’s find out if the new phone is worth all its hype:

No headphone jack – Seriously? Apple flaunts this as one of its best changes! But for those of us, who have invested in high-quality third-party headphones, this is no good tiding! The new iPhone comes with ear buds that work via the Lightning port, as well as a dongle for connecting traditional headphones. This was certainly not what we were looking for in the new version of Apple phone.

No outstanding upgrades: Same design, with the same display! What’s wrong? Everything! Apple has been known to make sweeping upgrades to all its phones, then why was the iPhone 7 deprived of the changes? This not only makes it hard to justify the hefty price, but is also a major turn-off for all of us who’ve been waiting for the phone anxiously!

No wireless charging: Which world are we living in? The lack of wireless charging to iPhone 7, and the fact that you can’t charge your phone and use headphones at the same time is certainly a turn-off! Even Ikea offers furniture that supports wireless charging!

Also, let’s not forget that high-end electronic gadgets depreciate the fastest. In a few years’ time this model would be half obsolete. So if you consider buying the model now, which offers no tangible features to appreciate, is it really worth to burn the hole in your pocket? Let us know your thoughts!