3 Reasons You Should Get 3 Phone Numbers on Your Existing SIM Card

Zain Jordan’s Raqami Plus Service offers threefold benefits for 3 numbers on one SIM card!

Raqami Plus

If you thought it was only the cheesy cop shows and plot writers that used multiple numbers, Zain Jordan’s Raqami Plus service is proving that there are everyday uses for a secondary set of digits that you can access through your existing SIM card. Listed below are our top three reasons that signify the importance of having three numbers on your existing SIM card:

Stay Away from Multiple Phones: It is often noted that most entrepreneurs have two phones to juggle between personal and work life. However, if you prefer having the best of both worlds, multiple numbers on one SIM card is a perfect way to keep your life a little more organized. Just like some people have one email address for business and another for personal communications, having more than one phone number on an existing SIM card makes sense.

Easy Access for Small Business Owners: If you’re a small business owner and don’t have a place to keep a landline for the business—but do want a separate number to look more professional, having multiple numbers on one SIM card is ideal. That’s not all, having multiple numbers on an existing SIM card serves for quick-business purposes such as selling your car without wanting to advertise your personal number too.

Drive Away Spam: Whether it’s an airline company or a cosmetic brand, most of them communicate their promotions and offers via text. If you’re the kind of person who has two email addresses, one for promotions and the other for work purpose, having multiple numbers on an existing SIM card can offer a nice partition for your life.

So, get smart, get going with Zain Jordan’s new Raqami Plus Service that makes your life threefold easy with three numbers on an existing SIM card!