10 Tricks to Search Google Like a Pro

Master the art to search Google with these simple, yet efficient tricks!


You might be a pro at finding information on Google, but do you know of some simple tricks that can make your search on Google faster, better and efficient! Here’s a quick look.

1. Use quotes to search for an exact phrase
2. Use the minus sign to eliminate results containing certain words
3. Compare foods or anything else using “vs”
4. Use the tabs on the top – News, Images, Web, etc. for the kind of search you need to do
5. Use a hyphen to exclude words in your search
6. Use the asterisk if you don’t know all the keywords
7. Use only key or important words for your search
8. Use translator for quick translation from one language to another
9. Use ‘filetype:’option for searching a particular type of file
10. Use descriptive words for relevant results