Essential Accessories for the Perfect French Wardrobe

French Fashion

The French are the epitome of fashion – classic, chic and luxe. Unlike most of the Western world, French fashionistas won’t buy dozens of new outfits every year, however, they still look on-trend and effortlessly sophisticated. All over the world, women are seeking to emulate this timeless fashion movement by cultivating their own ‘five-piece French wardrobe’.

This philosophy isn’t solely about wearing Breton stripe tees and cropped pants, but adopting a classic, minimal aesthetic to your clothing while keeping your look fresh and updated. This shouldn’t just include clothes, but accessories, hair and make-up, too; this will help create a cohesive look. If you’re rationalizing your wardrobe, here’s five must-have accessories that you need to invest in complete the French look.

The earrings
A classic pair of diamond studs might set you back, but no matter where you’re wining, dining, partying or working, they’re sure to match your outfit and be occasion-appropriate. Unlike long, dangly earrings, they won’t get caught on jumpers as you pull them off, or tangled in your hair, but the diamond-sparkle will ensure you’re bound to get noticed.

The watch
A bracelet or bangle can be hard to dress for various occasions, but a smart dress watch will always match whatever you’re wearing. Shell out for a high-quality French brand like Cartier, which is classic, yet continuously in fashion and has that certain je nais se qua that makes the French aesthetic so desirable and enduring. The huge market for vintage dress watches shows that it’s a classic piece that never goes out of style.

The bag
When it comes to couture handbags, nobody can outdo the French. Consider classic brands like Louis Vuitton / Harmés and Longchamp – the pinnacle of chic. Not only are they beautiful, hard-wearing, and go with almost everything, but the style and design of some signature ranges have been virtually the same for decades, meaning you’ll always be fashionable. Think about your day-to-day needs. If you’re always on the go with work documents, lunch, and a book, then consider a tote. If you like to travel light, then look for a clutch with a detachable strap.

The everyday ring
The French wardrobe doesn’t just mean ‘basic,’ and there’s certainly room for glamor. A hardwearing gemstone ring in a classic round or princess cut is another accessory that will add that touch of elegance to an otherwise run-of-the-mill look. Avoid showy cocktail rings made of glass and opt for something more luxe that is appropriate for both daily errands and a night out.

The lipstick
A touch of red lipstick can elevate a simple blouse and pants from casual to Parisian chic in just a few moments. It gives off a classic old-Hollywood vibe, and no matter how pale or dark your skin is, there’s the right shade of red to match. Not all lipsticks are created equal, so find what’s right for you, based on your skin tone moisture levels. Whether you prefer a bright, warm red or a cooler crimson, choose a hue that best suits you.