Energetic Kenzo World Ad Beats All Other Perfume Ads

KENZO World Perfume

Kenzo unveiled a new video that tops all other perfume commercial ever made. The start of the 3:48-minute video will make you think it’s another typical perfume ad; however, that notion is immediately erased as the main character played by actress and dancer Margaret Qualley steps out in the lobby.

After being cooped up in a conference room for some awards event, she suddenly started twitching and dancing in what could only be described as wild as she made her way around the building. Clad in an emerald gown and dancing to the song created by DJs Sam Spiegel & Ape Drums with vocals by Assassin, Qualley had time to argue with a bust and even disarm a man who was innocently talking on his phone.
Then just when you think all her energy has been spent as she twirled in an empty theatre, she steps outside the building and does a flip on the path before diving through a giant Kenzo eye made of flowers.

This commercial is a perfect embodiment of the spontaneity, energy and eccentricity of the new perfume Kenzo World.

The new ad is directed by Spike Jonze while Qualley’s moves were choreographed by Ryan Heffington, who also choreographed Sia’s “Chandelier.”

This new perfume ad is just wow! It gives us a new perspective on how perfume ads should be and we just love it!