Emma Watson Shines at Met Gala with her Eco-friendly Outfit

Go Green! Go Emma Way!

emma stone Met Gala

Every time we think of global warming, the only thing that strikes our mind is barren lands, naked mountain-tops and dying marine life! However, the luxury and apparel industry plays a significant role in enhancing the monstrous smoke!

To wipe away the grim, actress-turned-activist Emma Watson surprised her fans at the Met Gala in New York with a sustainable outfit. Emma’s spectacular red carpet outfit was woven with recycled plastic bottles. Combining creativity, technology and fashion into one, Calvin Klein and Eco Age designed an environmentally-friendly outfit. In addition to the gown, the zippers on the gown were made from recycled materials and the inner bustier had been crafted from organic cotton.

The outfit is not only made of recycled materials, but can also be reused in individual parts as pants, bustier and train Now if every eco-friendly outfit looks as smashing as this, we definitely want to go the green way!