Kate Middleton's Second McQueen Dress

Kate second McQueen dress

After the regal wedding and the huge reception hosted by The Queen at Buckingham Palace, Kate and Prince William retreated to Prince Charles's home to rest and freshen up.
The couple re-emerged later in stunning outfits, ready for a dance party!

The second party was hosted by the Prince of Wales, Prince Charles for the newlyweds.
Will was suave in a black tux, while Kate was dazzling in another Alexander McQueen dress.
The dress, which could easily be described as a second wedding dress, is no doubt fit for a princess ... in this case fit for a "Duchess"!

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Ugliest Hat of The Royal Wedding!

Ugly Hat

The ugliest hat of the Royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton was worn by the Prince's cousin, Beatrice*!
She sported a Philip Treacy design. A light peach colored sculpture in the form of a ribbon bow!
The design perfectly matched her Valentino coat, but the hat is absolutely ugly!

What do you think?

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Kate Middleton's McQueen Wedding Dress

Kate Middleton Alexander McQueen Gown

I guess this gown should be categorized as "Dress of the Month", but since we don't have such a category, this should do!

Kate Middleton's much anticipated wedding gown dazzled everyone; a simple yet beautifully detailed and handcrafted Alexander McQueen gown.
Hand-cut lace flowers of different kinds (roses, thistle, daffodils and shamrock) covered a combination of Chantilly lace and ivory and white satin gazar.

The design combines tradition and modernity, and pays tribute to the Arts and Crafts tradition, which advocated truth to materials and traditional craftsmanship using simple forms and Romantic styles of decoration.

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Venture Into The Forest with BB Couture's Eve!

BB Couture Eve

One of the strangest green colors I've come across is BB Couture's Eve from their Infamous Lovers collection.
At first, I thought it was a murky brownish/ blackish color ... but when I looked closer, in the light, I found out it was a dark forest green (hence the title!), a bit darker than olive green actually, and full of multi colored glitter.
To get to that intended shade, you need two to three coats.
It tends to get a tad bit rough on the surface, but that's nothing some top coat can't fix!

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Paris Hilton Retro Elegance

Paris Hilton in Marc Bouwer

We rarely see Paris Hilton in a retro look, so her choice during the Red Cross’ Red Tie Affair was a treat! The event that was held in Santa Monica saw Paris Hilton in a Marc Bouwer printed floor-length dress.

Its length may be kind of conservative, but its front is definitely not! It sports a plunging neckline that reached almost to her navel. I think it would be lower if not for the black belt that cinched the waist.

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A Whiff of Romance with Love Blossoms

Love Blossoms

Want to smell like flowers and peaches this summer? You should try Kate Moss’ new fragrance “Love Blossoms.” By its name alone, you can clearly deduce that its scent is made for a special woman like you! By the way, I should tell you that this is a limited edition scent, so when you have the chance you better get one for yourself while you can!

This fragrance associates with the sentiment of love, joy, and hope which are very positive nuances.

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Hemera, From BB Couture's A Touch of Greece

Hemera - BB Couture

I love travelling the world, being away from it all and getting to know new places.
Greece for example, is a place I've always wanted to visit and I will soon!
Speaking of Greece, BB Couture have got a whole collection of Nail Polish named after the beautiful country called A Touch of Greece and one of those colors is "Hemera".

Let's review the name first, Hemera ... In Greek mythology, she is the Goddess of day.
The color is a fresh and funky coral shade full of shimmer, which gives a whole lot of Umph.

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Smell Like Sizzling Breakfast with Bacon Perfume!

Bacon Perfume

Addicted to the smell of bacon? Well now you can indulge in that smell without seeming weird! Indulge using the Bacon Fragrance! Yup bacon; you know the one that you have for breakfast sometimes.

Some fragrance makers use the weirdest ingredients just to catch people’s interest. But will they bite this bacon scent? Don’t know about you but just the thought of having that bacon smell on my skin and clothes makes me cringe.

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Jane Birkin’s Bag Goes on Auction

Birkin Bag

Do you want to own a Birkin bag? You now have a chance to do so and all you have to do is bid! The very first Birkin bag ever created is now on auction on Ebay. The said bag was owned by Jane Birkin; the bag was named after her by Jean-Louis Dumas in 1984.

Jane Birkin kindly donated the bag for a good cause. Proceeds will go to the Red Cross and its charity work in Japan. Bidding starts at $2,000. So if you want to own this historic Birkin, better see ebay now!

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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen to Launch StyleMint

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

To reach a wider audience for their fashion empire, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have decided to go online! They will soon be launching a fashion site called StyleMint.com. The famous celebrity twins got some help in creating the site. They created it along with MySpace founder Josh Berman. Come July, fashionistas will have a new site t help them out with their shopping!

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Go Funky and Bold with New Pop Romance Lipsticks!

Pop Lipsticks

Lime Crime Makeup has three new lipsticks for bold fashionistas! If you are daring enough to wear these three new lipstick shades, you’ll be a great trendsetter!

The new lipsticks belong to the Pop Romance line designed for Spring 2011. Lime Crime Makeup chose their shades right because these three echo the colors of Spring! The lipsticks are Mint to Be, Coquette, and New Yolk City!

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Orly Bring Out That Pin-up Girl in You!

Mini Manis Pin-up from Orly

Orly's latest nail polish collection is a brave and funky one; Pin-up!
Four sexy colors for that pin-up girl in you, two neons: Va Va Voom, which is a fuchsia shade and Coquette Cutie, which is somewhere between creamy orange and coral.
Then you've got two sparkles and nothing but: Here Comes The Trouble, which is a fresh lawn green glitter and Bubbly Bombshell, which is a right on purple glitter!

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Vera Wang Revives Lavender Label

Vera Wang Lavender Label

Were among those who missed out on Vera Wang’s Lavender collection in 2005? If you were frustrated because you didn’t have the chance to get some of the pieces, well that can be alleviated now because Vera Wang has re-launched the Lavender label!

The re-launch of the label coincides with the prom season hence it’s mainly focused on evening wear. The pieces that make up the collection look great! They are very elegant and can be used in casual and formal occasions. You can head to Neiman Marcus if you want to see what they look like.

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Glazed Anaconda Clutch Offers Style for All Occasions

JLO with Anaconda Clutch

A clutch bag is a very handy accessory especially if you’re going to attend special events. It’s classy and has enough room for beauty essentials on a day or night out. The Kelly Locke Black Glazed Anaconda Petite Bardot Clutch fits the bill if you want a chic clutch to use wherever you go.

This clutch measures 11 ½ x 4 ½ x 1 ¾, which is just enough space for must-have thingies. It’s a clutch that you’ll be proud to brandish anywhere thanks to its stylish pyramid stud-adornment on top. On either side of the pyramid are brass grommets that add more spice to the clutch’s overall look.

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