Nicki Minaj Sports a White and Green Do

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj really knows how to catch everyoneís attention. She went to the Christieís Green Auction: Bid to Save the Earth program on Tuesday night wearing green hair! Her hair, piled high on her head, appeared like a huge bush on top of her with its white and green motif. Good thing it didnít topple when she performed on stage with the Barbie dancers.

She wore her green and white hair with an all-black outfit. She donned a leather-like outfit and black tights. Her lace-up boots was a black pair as well. And she was wearing her signature pink lipstick!

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Vanessa Hudgens Accessorizes with Delicate Evil Eye Necklace

Evil Eye Necklace

Wearing a dress or blouse that leaves the neck and chest bare creates the need to accessorize! You can go for a choker or a big dangling necklace. But if you are opting for an elegant look, something simple and delicate like the ďEvil EyeĒ necklace by Kara Ackerman Designs would be perfect!

The pendant looks like a mystical eye and itís cute! The 16-inch chain looks very dainty and elegant. This Evil Eye necklace is not a tawdry accessory; it is made of Sterling Silver with 18k Rose Gold, Yellow Gold, or White Gold. It is also set with white topaz that makes it sparkle even more.

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Lily Allenís Clothing Line to Drop in June

Lily Allen Clothing Line

Those of you who like pop star Lily Allenís fashion sense now have a chance to imitate it! And you donít have to go searching far and wide for the kinds of things she wears because Lily has her own clothing line! Well, itís not Lilyís alone. The 18-piece ready-to-wear clothing line was made in partnership with her sister Sarah Owen.

This collection, which by the way is under their Lucy In Disguise vintage store, is composed of dresses. If you get a few, donít be surprised if they have some similarities because they are all inspired by Lily and Sarahís favorite vintage pieces.

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Lily Cole is Like a Bright Ray of Sunshine in Prada

Lily Cole Prada Dress

Lily Cole bathed the red carpet with yellow beam during the Jameson Empire Film Awards in London. She was like a walking sunbeam in her brilliant yellow Prada dress. It looked great on her and it just accentuated her very fair complexion.

The Prada dress had a simple cut and it was just plain yellow; no other accentuating color in sight. It was a sleeveless one with a ruffled hem the reached down mid-thigh. Her long, slender legs were on perfect display on the red carpet.

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Reese Wtherspoon Has New Fragrances for Avon

Reese Witherspoon Expression Fragrance

Reese Witherspoon has three new fragrances for Avon! If you are looking for new and exciting scent to spice up your life, check out Reeseís ďExpressionĒ line of perfumes. The three scents that make up the line are Love to the Fullest, Laugh Often, and Live Without Regrets. However, these three wonít be released at the same time! Release will be April, May, and August respectively.

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Havaianas Creates Closed-Toe Shoes!


I know a lot of you out there love Havaianas! Though itís a bit pricey, still many girls and guys love the comfort that each pair provides. The brand is known for its colorful and stylish flip-flops; but now the flip-flop company is branching out into the closed-toe shoe department! And thatís great news, right girls?

The Brazilian company unveiled its first batch of closed-toe shoe offerings on Monday. The new collection has a very appealing name ďSoul Collection.Ē

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Catherine Malandrino Brings More Femininity to Lacoste


Famous sporty brand Lacoste teamed up with French designer Catherine Malandrino for a new collection of clothing. The 12-piece collection is composed of feminine outfits. This is in line with Malandrinoís role for Lacoste which is to ďopen the door to the feminine world.Ē

She said of her designs, ďI am relaying effortless chic, everyday clothes that you donít have to think about. All of the silhouettes can be eye-catching, whether it is a miniskirt or high-waisted pants.Ē

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Brooklyn Decker a Short-Haired Bombshell!

Brooklyn Decker Hair

I canít remember seeing Sports Illustrated model Brooklyn Decker with anything other than long hair so, itís kind of strange to see her now with very short locks. Havenít you heard? The 23 year old chopped off 10 inches of her hair with the help of celebrity hairstylist Ted Gibson.

Yes, she is now sporting a shoulder-length hair. It looks like a shaggy style, which Gibson says is a trend for 2011. Now you know one of the styles that will be a great hit this year.

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Kate Winslet Reveals Curves in Stella McCartney Dress

Kate Winslet Stella McCartney Dress

Super sexy and revealing; thereís no other way to describe Kate Winsletís ensemble last night in New York City. Her outfit was real eye-catcher on the red carpet during the premiere of her new HBO series Mildred Pierce.

Kateís outfit was by Stella McCartney which was a black, tight-fitting dress with a very revealing accent. The left side of the dress was a sheer nude-colored panel with polka dots all over it. This sheer panel went all the way down to the hem so if youíll be getting quite a view if you were standing on her left side.

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Herve Leger Cutout Bandage Sunsuit, Donít Get It Wet!

Herve Leger Cutout Bandage Sunsuit

Whatís the purpose of a swimsuit? Itís for you to swim in right? Swimsuits are naturally designed to get wet. Well, except for the Herve Leger Cutout Bandage Sunsuit. You will notice they call it a ďsunsuitĒ because it canít be used in water; that is, if you want to get the best out of it! Iím not making this up. Itís written on the product description at its net-a-porter page.

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Funky Spike Studded Shopper by Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin Spike Studded Shopper

Scared of your bag getting ripped off by some thief? Christian Louboutin has the perfect thing to ease off your worries! Itís in the form of the Spike Studded Shopper bag! It has a spiky trim that will make any robber think twice about going on with his nasty plan.

Beware now because there are spikes all over the front and the side of the bag. Touching them could be harmful! No Iím just kidding. The spikes are a nice touch actually and they go well with the suede trim and patent leather cutouts. I love the woven handles; they look soft to the touch.

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Kate Middletonís Sheer Dress Auctioned

Kate Middleton Sheer Dress

Anything associated with princess-to-be Kate Middleton is sure to fetch a high price. Do you know that the sheer dress she wore at the charity fashion show in St. Andrews University in 2002 fetched $125,890 at an auction? The said piece was bought by an unidentified British man at the Kerry Taylor Auctions that took place on Thursday.

Hmm, who could that man be? According to reports, the man just sent a representative to the auction. The winning bidder thought the sheer dress was ďan iconic pieceĒ thatís why he was willing to splurge such a huge amount for it.

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Vampy Varnish from BB Couture is Wicked!

Vampy Varnish from BB Couture

No intros ... I'll cut to the chase! This is a unique black nail polish because it's full of green glitter! This is the first I've seen of it's kind!
This polish is named after one of the very popular nail polish review blogs; Vampy Varnish! and is part of a collection by the same name.

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Lady Gaga is the Fashion Icon of the CFDA

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is known for her eclectic style and fashion sense. Some people criticize her choices while others applaud them. The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) for one applauds Lady Gaga for being what she is, a fashion icon.

Yup thatís right, Lady Gaga will be given the Fashion Icon Award by the CFDA at event that will be held on June 6 in New York City. This is already a sure thing as announced by CFDA President Diane von Furstenberg and executive director Steven Kolb.

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