Dreaming of a Fairy Tale Wedding?

Disney princesses Fairy Tale Wedding dresses

Guess what? Dreams do come true these days!

We have all watched in awe as Disney princesses wore their wedding gowns at the end of each fairy tale and married Prince Charming. Don’t you remember how these gowns were drawn as light and flowing and it was as if their magic made the princesses more beautiful and royal than they already are?!

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Tiffany Reversible Bag is Twice as Fashionable

Tiffany Reversible Bag

Tiffany & Co is more popularly known as a creator of superb jewelry and accessories for all occasions. But, do you know that this company already has it own handbag line? Yes they have! Jennifer Aniston is one of the celebrities that have taken a great liking to the new collection. In fact she’s been seen everywhere with Tiffany’s reversible tote!

This bag’s design is quite ingenious! One side reveals suede leather but once you turn it inside out, you’ll get a whole new metallic look! Every detail is the same on either side, only the material and color are different. With this quality, I think this Tiffany reversible bag is something you’ll never get tired of!

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Hip and Cool Y-3 Cushion Wedge by Adidas

Adidas Y-3 Cushion Wedge

Cheryl Cole was seen up and about recently in a pair of unique-looking wedge boots! She got the perfect ensemble during her dinner with friends at the Japanese restaurant Sumosan in Mayfair. But the most eye-cathing thing of all was her footwear. The pair of boots she had on is really one-of-a-kind because it’s a combination of purple, red, and silver. Clashing colors? Not so! In fact, they are what make this pair of boots supremely unique and attractive.

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Halle Berry is Sexy in Roberto Cavalli

Halle Berry in Roberto Cavalli

Inappropriate. This is what some people say about Halle Berry’s during the “22 Ways To Say Black” charity event by Swarovski Elements held at Milk Studios in New York City. However, I call it sexy and hot! Halle Berry shows us once again what a hot momma she is even at 44!

The outfit I’m talking about is a little black dress designed by Roberto Cavalli. The LBD is made of a material that made it hug every curve of her body. It features a turtle neck design with crochets in V form on the chest as well as on the sides and the hem. The crochet on the side emphasized the delicious curve of her waist.

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Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Launched!


Victoria’s Secret has unveiled a new fragrance! Ladies I’m sure this new scent is something that you will love. Victoria’s Secret “Bombshell” was unveiled with so much fanfare at their store located in The Grove Shopping Center in Los Angeles.

Three lovely and sexy Victoria’s Secret angels helped make the event happen! Adriana Lima, Lily Aldridge, and Candice Swanepoel were similarly dressed in black shorts and white and pink striped strapless top. These three are the perfect epitome of “Bombshell.”

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Kylie Minogue Makes a Statement in Feathered LBD!

Kylie Minogue

One of my favourite songbirds Kylie Minogue was the star of the red carpet during “The Kid’s” London premiere. She was not a part of the cast if that is what you are thinking. She was there to provide support to the film’s director Nick Moran and also for the NSPCC charity for which she is an ambassador.

Kylie owned the red carpet as she treaded on it in her feathered black dress from Gucci. And it was just any LBD! The front is designed with feathers. And underneath it, although you’d hardly notice, are cut outs that showed off some of skin. The combination of feathers and cut outs is perfect!

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Go Metal Chic, Metallic & Matte This Autumn!

Orly metal chic matte

Some colors remind me of summer, like red, other colors like yellow and green remind me of spring, while white and silver remind me of winter.
What about autumn, what colors remind you of the season of falling leaves?
Would bronze, copper and dark gold do the trick? I would say definitely yes!
Orly have bottled these colors and joined them into a collection called "Metal Chic Metallic Matte"* ... Bull's Eye for this autumn!

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Lady Gaga’s Outrageous Outfits at the VMAs!

Lady Gaga

Aside from her music, one of the things that make Lady Gaga stand out from the rest of the artists is her eclectic fashion sense. We all witnessed that again during the recently held MTV Video Music Awards. Lady Gaga was really the star of the night, not only because she took home eight moonmen but because of her amazing and shocking outfits!

Did you see the three outfits she wore at the VMAs? The one she was wearing when she arrived was an Alexander McQueen creation. The dress, actually a ball gown, was made of layers of what appeared like chiffon in gold and burgundy. And perched on her head was a feathered headdress. But it’s really a wonder that she was able to make it through the red carpet even though she has a pair of 12-inch Armadillo heels on her feet.

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Emma Watson Creates Clothing Line

Only four days away and Emma Watson’s new clothing line will make its debut at Friary Court of St James’ Palace. The Harry Potter actress has collaborated with the British fashion label People Tree for this project.

The launching of the clothing line will take place at a grand event entitled A Garden Party to Make a Difference that will take place on September 8-19. The clothing line’s launch will be on September 11. Basically, this event is a 12-day eco festival, wherein partakers will be witnesses to a series of cultural events all geared towards sustainable living. The said event is spearheaded by Prince Charles himself.

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Natalie Portman is the Lady in Red

No one can miss Natalie Portman on the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival. Who could overlook such a gorgeous lady swathed in an equally eye-catching red dress? Wearing the red dress designed by Rodarte, Natalie definitely succeeded in generating the attention needed for her new film Black Swan.

The dress which looks like it’s made of layers of chiffon has a very detailed front. Making the dress sparkle are the Swarovski crystals that embellish the front part. Though not very noticeable, the dress features a thigh-high slit in front. It was only seen when the wind blew and when she negotiated the stairs at the venue.

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Dare to Wear the Prada Chandelier Shoes?

Prada Chandelier Shoes

I thought chandeliers only belong to the ceilings of huge houses and establishments. I didn’t know you could also have it on the red carpet! Prada was very ingenious in recreating the chandelier as footwear. One has been sighted on the Emmy Awards red carpet worn by celebrity Rita Wilson.

I love the look of this Chandelier Shoes but I don’t think I have the guts to wear it. It would call for a very special occasion in order to have a chance to wear it.

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Amazing Lorraine Schwartz Jewelry at the 2010 Emmy Awards

Celebrities wearing Lorraine Schwartz Jewelry at Emmy Awards

Once again Lorraine Schwartz jewelry was a huge hit at the Emmy awards last Sunday! Some of the celebrities in attendance literally sparkled because if the Lorraine Schwartz creations they were wearing. Did you manage to pick out who stood out because of the jewelry she had on? No? That’s too bad! But don’t worry we’ll point some of them out to you right now!

Who could miss Lea Michele’s outstandingly gorgeous necklace? But I think it would have been shown off better if she did her hair up.

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