Kate Moss Unveils 11th Collection for Top Shop

Kate Moss Top Shop Collection

Autumn is just around the corner! Shoppers are getting ready to fill their wardrobe with new items. Well, thatís no problem since Kate Moss with her new Top Shop Autumn collection is ready and waiting! The 11th offering will be available in her Top Shop stores staring August 31. Kate Moss herself is the model for the whole Autumn collection. I must say she outdid herself this time around in the black and white photo shoot. She looked every bit as glamorous and sexy as all the items!

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Jennifer Aniston Sexy in a Calypso Jada Print Dress

jennifer aniston jada dress

Jennifer Aniston is ok with Bradley Cooper getting cozy with Renee Zellweger despite gossips saying otherwise. Anyway, she seems to be very busy filming her upcoming movie The Bounty where she co-stars with Scottish actor Gerard Butler. Itís only the gossip columns that make the issue look more serious than it really is. Jen herself is apparently unconcerned and why should she worry when sheís looking better than ever? She was spotted looking sexy and relaxed while on her way to the set of The Bounty. She had on a Calypso Jada print maxi dress that suited her frame.

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Katie Holmes to Launch Clothing Line

Guess who is joining the clothing line bandwagon? The latest is Tom Cruiseís better-half Katie Holmes. I wonder how sheíll be able to handle everything with the dancing, acting, and who knows what else. But hey, it looks like she is really determined to have this venture. In fact, it will be out this Fall! Whatís her clothing line called? Itís Holmes and Yang. Katie partnered with her stylish Jeanne Yang for this venture. Holmes and Yang will be launched at Maxfield in L.A.

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Nelly to Launch Apple Bottoms Fragrance

Nelly Apple Bottoms Fragrance

Have your heard of Apple Bottoms? This is the clothing line designed by Nelly, the rapper, together with his cousin and his friend. Interestingly, Apple Bottoms is a line thatís aimed for women who have very well-rounded figures. The line was a success when it was launched in 2003. There was still something missing from the line however. But that void will soon be filled with the Fall launch of the Apple Bottoms signature fragrance! Yup, we sure canít wait to see and smell it!

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How About Some Twilight Beauty Products?

Twilight Beauty Products

Do you envy Kristen Stewart a.k.a Bella Swanís looks or those of the other characters in the Twilight Saga? Well it wonít be long before you can copy their beauty styles. Apparently, the Twilight Saga has inspired the creation of a whole line of beauty products, which its makers called Twilight Beauty. Folks behind Twilight are working with beauty company DuWop for the new beauty products. Originally, only a lip plumper was supposed to be produced. It was well-received, so it spawned s whole line of beauty products.

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Renee Zellweger Gorgeous in Grey Dress

Renee Zellweger Grey Dress

Renee Zellweger is looking so fantastic these days! She has a kind of glow about her that makes her look radiant. She recently came back from a holiday in Spain with actor Bradley Cooper. Hmm, maybe it is love thatís making her look radiant lately? If that is the case, Iím happy for her. And Iím also happy to see her looking gorgeous in a grey Carolina Herrera dress when she appeared on Good Morning America. Iíve never really noticed her sense of style before, but it certainly caught my attention now.

Tell me doesnít she look fabulous in this grey dress? The dress is made of a shimmery material and is designed with long sleeves. A ribbon is tied on the left shoulder adding to the dressí elegance. She complemented the grey Carolina Herrera dress with a pair of beige heels and she toted a huge, bright orange Hermes Birkin bag.

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Kat Von D Has Creates Tattoo Concealer for Sephora

Kat Von Tattoo Concealer

I know some female acquaintances that are very fond of getting tattoos. Although I see it as an art, putting it on oneís body is another matter. When I see women who have them on visible parts of their bodies, I canít help wondering what if one day that person finds herself wishing it didnít exist? Aside from getting it off through laser, a new alternative has been born, courtesy of Kat Von D. This famous tattoo artist and host of TV show LA Ink has come up with a tattoo concealer for Sephora that effectively hides those ink art on the body. The concealer is simply names Kat Von D.

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Studied Glamour with Bally Studded Top Handle Bag

Bally Studded Top Handle Bag

Iíve never been a huge fan of studded bags, but I have to admit this Bally Studded Top Handle hand bag looks very, very classy! Although, some would consider it bland I can feel positive vibes just looking at this bag. Even celebrities love the look and feel of the Bally Studded Top Handle. An example is Leighton Meester who was seen carrying this awesome bag a few weeks ago. And not only that, if you watch gossip girl, for sure youíve seen it there too! Thatís if youíre the type who pays attention to the accessories used by the actors and actresses.

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Subtle Elegance with Revlon Runway Collection Acrylic Nails

Revlon Runway Collection Acrylic Nails

I am sometimes envious of ladies who have long and well-cared for nails. I just donít have the kind of patience and diligence they have when it comes to grooming their nails to perfection. And there are occasions when I wish my nails were as great to look at, but well, canít be done. Anyway there are lots of faux nails available when the need for long, well-polished nails arises. And they come from great brands too! Revlon for one has the trendy new Runway Collection Acrylic Nails and I see they really look awesome!

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Elle Macpherson in Victoria Beckhamís Giral Dress

Victoria Beckham and Elle Macpherson

Model Elle Macpherson must be quite a fan of Victoria Beckham. Or maybe these two just have the same taste in fashion because for the third time, Elle is seen sporting a Victoria Beckham dress! According to reports, Elle snapped up five out of the collection that Posh launched in London earlier this year. Yesterday, she was seen working a black dress from Poshís collection as she went to work on the new TV show Beautiful Life in New York City. The dress called Giral is a corset-like creation that displayed Elleís curves to perfection.

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Marc Jacobs' Whimsical Daisy Fragrance

Daisy Fragrance by Marc Jacobs

What kind of presents do you like to give when someoneís birthday comes up? If the celebrant is a lady, I know giving her a perfume will go highly appreciated. Marc Jacobs has the perfect gift recommendation. The Daisy fragrance is a great gift for an equally lovely lady be it your wife, mother, sister, friend, or girlfriend. This is not just available as a perfume. Aside from the 3.4 oz. Eau de Toilette Spray and a 0.02 oz Solid Perfume, thereís also a 5.1 oz Luminous Body Lotion. But all of these offer the same basic scent.

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YSL Color Palette for the Complexion

YSL Color Palette

Name a beauty product that a woman canít do without? No, itís not lipstick, although itís one. Hereís a clue. It is used to remove oiliness from the face. Yup, itís no other than powder! But wait a minute, a blush can also help make one look good right? So, why not add the powder and blush in one package? Yves Saint Laurent has the exact package for your needs! The PALETTE Y Collector Palette for the Complexion is a blush and powder in one.

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Best Dressed at The Teen Choice Awards 2009

The Teen Choice Awards 2009 has come and gone. If you watched it Iím sure you were able to see all your favorite celebrities who attended as an audience and also those who were recipients of awards. But like in other awards, one of the things that a lot of fans look out for is the fashion! Fashion,fashion, fashion! Yes, this will always be a part of any awards night. Do you have a list as to who were the best dressed celebrities?
If you do, then letís compare notes.

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Nurse Better with Baby Bubu Breastfeeding Cover


What do you feel when you see a mother nursing her baby in public? On my part, I feel embarrassed because it feels like Iím intruding on something very private and intimate. But itís worse on the part of the mother especially when there are some people who openly ogle at her. However, this unpleasant ogling can be avoided as long as Mom has a Baby Bubu Breastfeeding Cover in tow. Yup, Mom you can be comfortable nursing your baby in public as long as you have this. Iím telling you, itís a must-have.

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